Saturday, February 28, 2015

Barefoot in the Sand

The hubster and I rise before dawn every day. Habits of the elder folk I reckon. It was a glorious Sunday morning in February and I had this deep desire, a craving, to connect with the elements up close and personal. As the sun rose in the sky warming up chilly Scotts Valley we hopped in our car and drove to Twin Lakes Beach. As my bare feet sank in the soft sand, warm rays dusting my skin I felt the desire to roll up my pants and play in the waves as they lapped up on shore. The water was surprisingly warm and felt bubbly, effervescent, on my toes. Mmmm.....I felt so Light. Energized. Bouncy! 

Some may say that "earthing" is a load of crap but I always loved going barefoot, even after I hit adulthood, but somewhere along the way I stopped. I think as we age we forget to feel what it's like to have our feet grounded in the Mother. I am so glad to have been reminded and plan on spending even more time this coming year skipping in the grass, splashing in the waves, shuffling through the deep sand, connecting, reflecting. feeling. absorbing.